Name Align M/F Standing Domains / Spheres of Influence
Adorig the Healer LG M Ascended. Lesser. Dead God Resurrection, regrowth, healing, life
Conchubar LG M Ascended. Lesser Vigilance vs giants, giant slayers,dedication, discipline
Mal’Traith LG M Ascended. Demi Protection of wilderness and inhabitants, wardens, rangers, vigilance
Sir Valdorn LG M Ascended. Lesser Honor, valor, heroic deeds, chivalry, knights, paladins
Fedelmyr NG F Ascended. Demi Writing, language, glyphs, communication, runes
Tanyana NG F Offspring of Green Lord. Lesser Forests, hunting, archery, fertility, patience, meadows, flowers, quiet places, swan mays
Bellenet CG F Ascended. Lesser Honorable vengeance, justice, duels
Gord LN M Ascended. Lesser Sentinels, guardians, keepers, alertness, vigilance, oath
Rusvahl LN M Ascended. Lesser Arts, crafts (not smithing), commerce, travel – expansion, war, traditional Brymori life
Valannus LN M Ascended. Lesser Discipline, soldiers, mercenaries, tactics, strategy
Mathorawn N/NG M Ascended. Lesser. (Twin of Mathobhair) Water travel, oceans, rivers, lakes, bargefolk, sailors, ocean farers
Mathobhair N/CN F Ascended. Lesser. (Twin of Mathorawn) Land travel, long journeys, horizons, distance, wanderers
Amathaon CN M Ascended. Demi. Eccentricity, rare magic, illusions, arcane and occult knowledge
Echbel Alvay LE F Ascended. Demi Necromancy, injustice, envy, jealousy
Levistus LE M Interloper. Arch devil Betrayal, vengeance, thugs, rogues
Lord Araxus LE M Ascended. Lesser (Possibly partdevil) Hate, malice, bloodshed, massacre, war, oppression, slavery, Ashville Empire
Mellifluer NE M Ascended. Lesser Undeath, lichdom, dark magic, necromancy, power, usurpation
Gxoth CE/CN ? Demon prince? Lesser Greed, deceit, trickery, ill fortune, power
Graz’zt CE M Demon Prince Pride, shadows, demons