Name Al M/F Origin & Standing Aspects
Cymbeline LG F Ascended. Demi Trade, community, travel, running
Herom LG M Ascended. Demi Messengers, speed, endurance, early warnings, heralds, roads
Terum NG M Ascended. Demi Feasts, food, wine, friendship, hospitality
Aiyliani CG F Ascended. Lesser Arts, craft, drama, theatre
Akora CG F Ascended. Lesser The hunt, archers, feast, revelry
Lytatia CG F Ascended. Lesser Passion, love, war, romance
Zelor CG M Ascended. Lesser Athletics, sport, brawling, strength, gladiators, physical perfection
Harcus LN M Ascended. Demi Soldiers, war, arms, armor, chariots
Keiros LN M Ascended. Lesser Quests, Adventure, Travelers, Explorers
Theodemus LN M Ascended. Lesser Scholarship, study, tolerance, courage, light, knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, science, invention
Persana N/NG M Deity offspring. Kasana’s twin. Lesser Architecture, tritons, justice, battle, sea
Polithicus N M Ascended. Lesser Politics, intrigue, influence, diplomacy, money, prestige, business
Xavel N M Ascended. Demi Shapechanging, mythical beasts and shapechangers
Kasana CG/NG F Deity offspring. Persana’s twin. Lesser Magic, charm, beauty
Faunus CN M Interloper (Sylvan deity) Drinking, poetry, song, bards, satyrs, woodlands
Loreleii LE F Ascended, Lesser Beauty, Seduction, Domination, Manipulation, Greed
Cegilune NE F Interloper. Lesser Moon, hags, witches, larvae
Chronar CE M Ascended. Lesser Destruction, rage, fury, riots, rebellion
Garastulos CE ? (Unknown – possibly Demon Prince) Evil, nightmares, pain, torture, fear